Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barnes & Noble Booksellers The Grove LA, Reading / Signing! (June 14th at 3:00PM)

A couple of months ago The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS) President, Co-President, Chair and Co-Chair had a meeting with the Community Relations Manager from Barnes & Noble Booksellers at The Grove to discuss a partnership. Our first collaboration will be an event at The Grove location June 13th (7-9pm) & 14th (3-5pm). We will be featuring 20 authors.

Gillian is the chair of the Booksellers Committee for these upcoming events. News for this event, other authors featured and their specific signing times will be posted at http://www.glaws.org

3:00PM Sunday, June 14th 2009
*Gillian is the 1st Author to Read & Sign Sunday at 3:00PM
*Sparky the Wonderfish is on shelves NOW @ The Grove!

*Please come! Bring your kids for all the FUN! (The book pages will be projected on a big screen for the audience),
Ten time Emmy Award Winning cameraman, Jim Velarde, will be videotaping Gillian reading and signing Sparky the Wonderfish, as well as shooting footage of the kids COLORING and taping TESTIMONIALS for the web.

Come help make it a GREAT EVENT at one of the largest, most prestigious Barnes & Noble Bookstores in the nation!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
The Gove at Farmers Market
189 Grove Drive Suite K30
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Store Hours 9-11 Every Day
Contact: Jon Directo, Community Relations Manager